Per-word invoicing

There are several advantages to per-word invoicing: prices are precise and objective, and it makes it possible to confirm the exact amount that you can expect to pay for the work before you decide to proceed. This practice is very common in the translation industry.

Note that for very small documents or for exceptional requests, an hourly rate may apply. Also, for administrative reasons, a minimum price may be charged for some requests involving a minimum of work. If your request implies a tight deadline or working outside regular business hours, a higher rate will be proposed to cover these aspects.

Page layout

Layout of your translated documents will be done as per the original at no extra cost. However, unusual or special page layouts and major changes to your text may cost extra, but such alterations are always submitted for approval before we proceed with the translation itself. Normally, translators use common word processing software, but if your documents are provided in a special format or if you are using specialized software, we will produce the translation in the target language in Word and you will be responsible for transferring the text to your intended format.

All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes. An invoice in two copies will be forwarded once the work is complete and is payable within 30 days.


You can count on Services linguistiques Bruno Maillet and its collaborators to maintain the confidentiality of all documents submitted. They will be securely kept and, if you do not retain our services, all documents provided will be destroyed.